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Yate is a town in Gloucestershire, eleven miles to the north of Bristol, and just south of the Cotswolds. Yate, from the Anglo-Saxon word meaning 'gate', started life as a small, cleared area in Kingswood Forest, expanding to become a village, and then rapidly growing in the 1960s as Bristol became more and more popular for commuters who needed homes near the city. These days Yate has a population of almost 35,000 and its very own football club.

Like Avonmouth and other areas in and around Bristol, Yate had a part to play in World War One: it became a key area for aircraft production, and lots of factories were built, for aircraft repair, hydraulic gun turrets, mechanical aeroplane structures and so on. Yate's significance as a manufacturing hub made it a target for German bombs; in March 1941, 53 factory workers died in an air raid.

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