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The South West county of Wiltshire is an area of ancient history, natural beauty and has many local attractions and activities to do among its breath-taking sights of unspoiled countryside and traditional market towns. With over half of the county designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Wiltshire is proud to offer spectacular scenery of peaceful, rolling countryside containing over 8,000 paths for ramblers and cyclists. Along the way visitors can enjoy tea rooms, such as the The Polly Tea Rooms in Marlborough, established in 1912 and many country pubs and restaurants, such as the Pear Tree Inn, Whitley, Wiltshire, a former working farm with stunning gardens, dating back to 1750.

With 6,000 years of history, Wiltshire has plenty to offer. Most notable are the mighty standing stones of Stonehenge and Avebury – drawing over a million tourists a year. For centuries, historians and archaeologists have puzzled over the mysteries of prehistoric monument Stonehenge. Consisting of over 100 large upright stones in a circular layout, Stonehenge is believed to have taken an estimated 1,500 to erect but its purpose it still debated.

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