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Volvo XC60

1,898 Used Volvo XC60 Cars in the UK

Volvo have a good reputation for building SUV's and its bigger brother the XC90 is one of the very best on the market so it certainly has a lot to live up to, thankfully it does. Volvo designed the XC60 to have SUV looks but drive and handle like a car and this shows when driven. The ride and handling are first rate, with sharp positive steering and loads of grip that truly inspire confidence. You can choose between two and four wheel drive models but the XC60 was never really designed for anything more than country lanes so off road ability is limited. The cabin is sumptuous with plenty of Scandinavian design features, such as its "floating" centre console. It is also one of the best in class in terms of space, safety and equipment. Reliability is also very good.

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Used Volvo XC60 Cars in the UK


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