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From its heavy industry beginnings in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1927, Volvo has undergone many transformations. In 1999, Ford took over and from Ford it was the Chinese Zhejiang Geely carmakers that took charge of the trademark in 2010 with its entry in to the global car market. Volvo comes from the Latin 'I roll' and refers back to the ball bearing business, which came before Volvo's interest in cars. The name Volvo was also selected as it referred to the Swedish maker's interest in making a car suitable to carry people along rough roads on cold winters. For car generations, Volvo has been marketed as the safe family car make and Volvo has loyal followers, not least the Volvo owners club, which has just celebrated fifty years of fandom. Living up to its brand image, models such as the Volvo V70 are quiet and safe as ever.

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