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Virginia Water is a wealthy village in Surrey and is the largest man-made body of water in the British Isles. It is thought the lake was named after Queen Elizabeth I or as she was known at the time, the Virgin Queen. The lake, which is where the village got its name, was damned then flooded in 1973 until it was re-created. Its beauty and serenity cannot helped be marvelled, it was even used in the scenes for the Harry Potter films. Virginia Water was headline news in 1998 when it was heard that General Pinochet was kept under house arrest there. It has also become the loved place of residence for less controversial figures namely Sir Bruce Forsyth, Elton John and Cliff Richard.

Its proximity to London Waterloo, Weybridge, Reading and Heathrow airport has made it appealing for people working in bigger towns and cities.

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