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Trowbridge is a typical Wiltshire town, quaint, beautiful and filled with history. Nestled in the south west of Britain, Trowbridge is about a two hour drive from London and is one of the three largest towns in Wiltshire.

Trowbridge was an important town in the wool trade and is filled with old buildings mixed with modern shops and cafes. In fact there are six Grade I listed buildings in Trowbridge, as well as plenty more Grade II listed ones. Those who want to learn more about its history can visit the Trowbridge museum, which has won many awards.

Journalists and secretaries will recognise the town's most famous inhabitant, Isaac Pitman as the inventor of Pitman's shorthand. He was born in 1813 and raised in Trowbridge with nine brothers and sisters, before creating the speedy method of writing.

Trowbridge is conveniently situated only 30 miles from Bristol airport making it a perfect location for those who like or need to travel.

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