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Toyota Yaris

2,891 Used Toyota Yaris Cars in the UK

The launch of the original Yaris in 1999 was a defining moment in recent automotive history. It was good-looking, boasted a well-made, practical, spacious cabin and even drove pretty well. All of these attributes lead to it being named European Car of the Year in 2000. The Yaris sold well, but it wasn't long before a gaggle of superminis it inspired started to make it look a bit dated. A redesign in 2005 did little to help, the competition was just too accomplished. Toyota's latest marketing campaigns should give you some idea of who the latest Yaris is aimed at. They want to take back the young, the trendy, who'd defected to the likes of Ford, Peugeot, and VW - and they'll not stop until they succeed.

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Used Toyota Yaris Cars in the UK


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