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With a population of 38,331, Tiverton is a major town in the middle of Devon. The rivers Exe and Lowman run through the town and provide scenic views for residents. It is believe that the town's name derives from "Twy-ford-ton" and "Twyverton" meaning a town of two fords. Historically the town was called Twyford.

Human occupation dates back to the Stone Age, with many of the first flint tools found in the area. However, it was during the Iron Age that the town became more industrialised when fort Cranmore Castle was constructed. The remains still stand on top of Exeter Hill and can be visited by the public. A Roman fort was also found in the north of the town. Other castles were created in later periods such as Henry I's Norman Tiverton Castle which was then remodelled in the 13th and 14th century.

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