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The nearby River Thame bestowed its name to the market town of Thame, in Oxfordshire. Boddingtons beer comes from Thame, and Yeats lived there for some time. Another notable resident was the late Bee Gees musician Robin Gibb, who lived in the stately Prebendal House until his death in 2012.

Thame is notable for its twice-weekly cattle market, its agricultural show – the biggest one-day event of its kind – and its weekly street market. Oxford, the Thame River, and the pastoral landscapes of Chiltern are easily accessible from Thame. A large cache of Roman jewels and coins which now resides at the Ashmolean Museum was uncovered in Thame, and recently the first-ever Roman brothel token found in Britain turned up in Thame. This picturesque town is home to over 11,000 residents.

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