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Often living in the shadow of it's Tyneside neighbour, Sunderland only became a city in 1992. Located between the River Tyne and the River Wear, the city has a population of 177,000, about a third less than Newcastle. Until recently, Sunderland has been trying to shake of its gritty, industrial complexion through a number of urban redevelopment programs. So today, the once coal mining and ship building dominated landscape, has been replaced with an influx or modern apartments and office buildings.

A beacon of this change for the city was the construction of the Stadium of Light in 1997, which is home to Sunderland's only professional sports team, Sunderland AFC. However, the city hasn't abandoned all of its manufacturing roots. This is evident with the construction of the UK's largest car plant, at Nissian UK, which is also Europe's most productive.

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