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A large town on the border with the Republic of Ireland Strabane is an important point in the north-west for cross border trade, and is close to Derry, the region's main hub. The river Foyle marks the border with Strabane on the Northern Ireland side, and Lifford on the Republic side, although it is the river Mourne that runs through the town. Strabane was frequently bombed and business blighted during the Troubles, but the coming of the peace process has improved the lives of the local people immeasurably. Local amenities include the Alley Arts and Conference Centre, which houses a theatre and art gallery. Places of interest include the National Trust-run Strabane shop where the printer of the United States Declaration of Independence John Dunlap learned his trade. Famous local people include the great writer Brian O'Nolan, better known as Flann O'Brien who wrote the classic novel At Swim-Two-Birds.

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