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Seat Ibiza

2,609 Used Seat Ibiza Cars in the UK

The Ibiza actually has quite a lot in common with its Spanish-island namesake - it's cheap, good fun and brightly coloured (at least most of the time). The MK1 model was launched in 1984 - and was a hit for the Spanish marque, selling more than one million units until it was replaced in 1993. The MK2 was the first Seat to be designed under VW's ownership, and it showed. It was based on the same platform that would underpin the VW Polo, and it looked distinctly Germanic both outside and inside. After 2002's immensely successful MK3, the all-new MK4 was launched - a distinctive design and sharp styling make It a formidable contender in the supermini class.

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Used Seat Ibiza Cars in the UK


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