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Rickmansworth, or "Ricky", Hertfordshire has a large natural reserve, the Aquadrome, consisting of several lakes which are filled-in gravel quarries. Some gravel taken from the Rickmansworth quarries was used to build Wembley Stadium.

The three rivers that come together in Rickmansworth lend their name to the local Three Rivers District Council, of which Rickmansworth is the seat.

In the Douglas Adams book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" Rickmansworth pops up on the first page as being the place that the girl Fenworth is sitting in when she finds the "ultimate question to the ultimate answer." The annual Starlight Evening in Ricky gets its name from the Adams quotation. Another famous writer, George Eliot, was a former Ricky resident.

Because it is easily accessible by train from London, Rickmansworth has become a commuter town with commercial offices.

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