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Peugeot 106

13 Used Peugeot 106 Cars in the UK

The Peugeot 106 went on sale in 1991, only a few months after its fiercest and most direct competitor - the Renault Clio. The 106 was Peugeot's entry-level offering, designed as a replacement for the successful 205 - which was still as popular as ever when the 106 was launched. Luckily for Peugeot, the 106 (which was treated to a mid-life refresh in 1996) proved equally popular among cost-conscious and younger drivers - it was entertaining and nippy in town, with the handling translating reasonably well to the open road. Refinement was the 106's weak point - with uncomfortable seats and tired engines, it soon became wearing on longer journeys.

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Used Peugeot 106 Cars in the UK


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