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9,773 Used Peugeot Cars in the UK

The family business started making coffee mills in 1810 before swapping coffee beans for car tyres in 1882. The French brand is known for its lion badge has had to roar aggressively to endure the ups and downs of the 20th century car industry: it has been taken over by Citroen and Chrysler and is now looking again at new markets in India for example. It is the maker of some great rally cars the Peugeot 206 dominated the 2000 World Rally Championship, while if you want to see new green alternatives, the Peugeot 508 RXH that is a diesel-electric is a savvy Euro-friendly addition to the market. What makes the Peugeot model different is that its diesel engine is supported by electric power from the rear wheels, making it an all-wheel drive some of the time, clever, eh?

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