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Nissan QASHQAI+2

202 Used Nissan QASHQAI+2 Cars in the UK

The Nissan Qashqai is one of the most popular cars on sale in the UK today and it's easy to see why. The +2 model adds two extra seats but they really are only suitable for children so it isn't a genuine alternative to a MPV and you do pay a hefty sum over the standard five seater but you do get the rugged looks and driving position of a 4x4. However, despite it's chunky off roader looks, the Qashqai is unlikely to get you far if you decide to venture off road. Think of it as an "urban 4x4" rather than a serious mud plugger.. On road it is refined and comfortable and the cabin has generous amounts of kit as standard. Also, as it's a Nissan, reliability is excellent.

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Used Nissan QASHQAI+2 Cars in the UK


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