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Newport is the third-largest city in Wales, with a population of just under 150,000. As its name suggests, the city has long been a port, although nowadays major employers in Newport often don't have maritime connections. Many government agencies and charity headquarters are located here, as well as defence- and security-focused company Cassidian.

Rail links with London, Cardiff, Manchester, Bristol, and other major cities ensure Newport is well-connected with the rest of the UK. By car, the M4 motorway passes within a mile of the city.

Newport Museum and Art Gallery tell the city's history, while The Celtic Manor golf club was host to the 2010 Ryder Cup – it's one of many golf courses in the area. Historic Caerleon, located just north of Newport, features many significant historic sites, such as its Fortress Baths, the Roman Baths Museum, and the Digital Roman Caerleon Trail. Some theories about Caerleon suggest that its amphitheatre was originally the site of legendary King Arthur's round table. Trail maps that help visitors discover more about Arthurian legend in the area are available.

Newport is the hometown of poet W.H. Davies and actor Desmond Llewelyn (Q in the James Bond series).

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