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Newcastle is a warm friendly city, with a rich history of almost 2,000 years. Situated in the north east of England, on the banks of the River Tyne and surrounded by the scenic beauty of Northumbria. An ideal place from which to tour the heritage coastline, with its unspoiled sandy beaches and sand dunes, or explore inland where you will find Hadrian's Wall and many castles dotted across the landscape.

The Romans built the first bridge over the River Tyne, guarded by a fort on Hadrian's Wall and named it Pons Aelius. Realising the strategic importance of the Roman site, the Normans built a wooden fort and the first 'New Castle' was created in 1080. This was later replaced in stone, the existing Keep, one of the finest examples of Norman military architecture, dates from 1172-77, the Black Gate from 1247. The Town Walls were built in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Fans of football will of course know the famous Newcastle United football team who play at St. James' Park. Famous Geordies include Ant & Dec and Alan Shearer!

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