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Morecambe is a resort town of 40,000 people located on Morecambe Bay in Lancashire. Technically, it is part of the City of Lancaster, which covers an area of 222 square miles.

A large part of Morecambe's economy revolves around tourism, but employment can also be found in legal services, manufacturing, and industrial sectors. The past decade has seen significant investment in redeveloping the town's facilities and boosting the local economy.

With five miles of level promenade and sandy beaches, the town has long been known as a seaside resort. The added bonus of Morecambe's location at the foot of The Lake District means there are many nature walks outside the town.

Throughout the year, Morecambe plays host to a number of festivals as a part of the 'Morecambe Festivals by the Sea' programme, including Morecambe Jazz Festival and West End Community Festival.

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