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Mazda MX-5

1,236 Used Mazda MX-5 Cars in the UK

The MX-5 always has been, and always will be a true driver's car. It first arrived in Britain in 1990 after it debuted at the 1989 Chicago Motor Show. This was the return of "open motoring", in many ways, for us Brits it was a reminder of when our affordable little sports cars were the best the world had to offer - only now, the Japanese had gone one better. By 2000, the MX-5 had become the biggest selling sports car of all time - with more than 700,000 of the first two generations finding homes since the car's release. The third generation therefore, was understandably important. Luckily, it was no disappointment. The MK3 is just as delightfully balanced, fun and direct as its ancestors.

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Used Mazda MX-5 Cars in the UK


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