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The second largest by area, East of England county Lincolnshire borders a whopping 8 other counties. The most famous of these boundaries is the one the county shares with Northamptonshire to the south, which stretches a grand total of 18 metres, making it the shortest county boundary in England.

Given its size and terrain, Lincolnshire is a largely agricultural county, growing large amounts of the UK's cabbages, onions, barley, cauliflowers, beet, sugar, and oilseed rape. To support this industry a large number of seasonal migrant workers from Central and Eastern Europe take up temporary farm jobs in the more labour-intensive parts of the year, which has in the past caused some tension with local workers.

Throughout the centuries Lincolnshire has produced talent from all over the spectrum. Poet Laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson, genius Isaac Newton, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and TV/film comedians Robert Webb and Jim Broadbent all hail from the county. Perhaps the best talent in Lincolnshire is found in their butchers, though, whose secret-recipe-made pork sausages compete once a year in a bid to be the best sausages in the the county, and whose pork pies fall not much behind in speciality of recipe.

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