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Leicestershire is a medium-sized county in the middle of the Midlands, with a population of 648,000, placing it around about in the middle of the UK counties on this measure. The county first appears on record in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle of 1087, under the just-about-recognisable 'Laegrecastrescir'. Best evidence suggests that Leicestershire was the birthplace of the controversial countryside "sport" of fox hunting, in the form that it is known today. The fox serves as the symbol for many of the county's most central institutions, includes the Leicestershire County Council, Leicester City FC, and Leicestershire County Cricket Club.

The county's two largest cities are Leicester and Loughborough. According to many university rankings, each of these cities is home to a UK Top 20 university. These are named, unsurprisingly, the University of Leicester and Loughborough University respectively.

Both Nature Show presenter David Attenborough and his elder brother, actor Richard Attenborough, hail from the county, as does footballer-turned-TV presenter Gary Lineker and (coincidentally) his sugar daddy, Henry Walker, founder of Walkers Crisps.

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