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3 Used Koenigsegg Cars in the UK

If you have a bit of ride lust for new cars on the market, then Sweden's Koenigsegg is for you. This is a boutique maker of super-fast cars, all hand-built. The development of this Swedish supercar has been fast off the grid. The 1994 car-concept of businessman, Christian von Koenigsegg, it has successfully taken on the established Italian car brands quicker than you can say the word 'ignition'. It has now acquired Saab too. Yet, while General Motors loses all of its former 100 per cent shareholding in the new Saab, it will continue to help Saab with car design, engines and gearboxes and help fund Saab's operations and product programme investments. Koenigseggs you may not be able to pronounce its name, but it is one to watch, even if it does flash before your eyes at ultra speed.

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Used Koenigsegg Cars in the UK


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