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KIA Ceed

1,689 Used KIA Ceed Cars in the UK

Fact: the Kia "Cee-apostrophe-D" is the only car to have an apostrophe in its name. Not even a Rolls Royce has this. Kia's silly nomenclature aside, the Cee'd is actually a pretty good car, one that's certainly worth considering alongside a Golf, Focus or Astra. It's been around since 2006, finding fame as BBC Top Gear's "Reasonably Priced Car" - and is now in its second incarnation. It handles nearly as well as the Europeans (it was designed in Germany), and now has a spacious, well-made interior (the first generation's interior was a bit tacky). It's competitively priced too, but if that's not enough to tempt you, maybe Kia's unrivaled seven-year warranty will.

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Used KIA Ceed Cars in the UK


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