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Inverness, meaning "Mouth of the River Ness", was granted its city status in 2000. It is the prosperous hub of the Scottish Highlands, with an enviable location on the banks of the River Ness at the head of the Great Glen, making it a population tourist attraction and idyllic place to explore.

With an estimated population of 74,26, Inverness was proudly ranked fifth out of 189 British cities in 2008 for its quality of life, the highest of any Scottish city. Traditionally know for its dazzling winter season entertainment including balls, concerts and play, many wealthy merchants would make Inverness their town base for the dark winter months. The stunning scenery of Inverness, be it the shore of the Loch, the ancient Scottish castle set against a backdrop of wild mountain scenery, pretty churches and a grand cathedral, make Inverness a popular location for Weddings. If you're lucky, you may even see a school of dolphins frolic in the nearby Moray Firth.

For visitors, there are plenty of shops, places to eat and drink peaceful areas close to the centre for relaxing, and a good variety of places to stay. The city itself is small, compact and easy to get around.

The history of Inverness can be seen in the activities still existing today, including the historic Culloden battlefield, the annual Highland Games.

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