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With a population density of just 82 people per square kilometre, the almost entirely rural Herefordshire is one of the most sparsely populated counties in England, behind only Cumbria and Northumberland. The predominant use of land is for agriculture, and the county is famous for its fruit and cider production, home of the company that makes Bulmer's and Strongbow.

Herefordshire borders Wales to the West, and its inhabitants are famous for demonstrating a great 'West country' accent. One well-known Herefordshire resident who does not follow this trend due to moving to the county late in life is Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond, who lives in a 17th century castle on the edge of a small village called Weston under Penyard.

The county town, Hereford, is the largest settlement in the county, with a population of 55,800, and, due to being in possession of a cathedral, is the only settlement to have official city status.

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