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World-renowned for the famous battle to which it lends its name, Hastings has always been a tourist destination for history-lovers and Anglophiles. Located on the southern coast of England in East Sussex, it is home to just under 90,000 people.

Historically, Hastings was a strong fishing port for centuries; although its prominence has declined, the town retains the largest beach-based fishing fleet in England. Various industrial estates are located around the edges of Hastings, employing people in engineering, catering, construction, and more. A recent regeneration effort by the town has brought hundreds of new jobs to the area.

Hastings Old Town is charming, with plenty of traditional half-timbered buildings and narrow passageways throughout. St Leonards, the western part of Hastings, boasts numerous antique and vintage boutiques. In addition to the ruins of Hastings Castle, built in 1070 by the Normans, attractions include the Shipwreck Museum, Fisherman's Museum, and the 660 acres of Hastings Country Park.

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