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Harwich is a town in the Tendring District of Essex, England and is one of the Haven ports located on the coast of the North Sea. It has a population of 17, 684. The town had a naval base and was heavily fortified. It had both civil and military significance as it was the only safe anchorage between the River Thames and Humber and was also regarded in terms of architectural heritage.

It is a town of hurry and business and some of the inhabitants are very wealthy. The town was also the hometown of Christopher Jones, the master, and owner of Mayflower. Captain Charles Fryatt also lived here and the renowned Australian writer Randolph Stow has also made his home in Harwich.
The town also homes a number of sports clubs including the Harwich and Parkeston Football Club, Harwich and Dovercourt Sailing Club, Rugby Union Football Club, Cricket and swimming Clubs.

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