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Hartlepool is a town situated on the coast of North East England. It has a long fruitful history, being recorded as far back as the thirteenth century. Initially this town was split in two, the ancient town of Old Hartlepool and West Hartlepool but was joined in 1967 to the town we know today.

It offers great transport links, linking it to the UK and parts of Europe by road, train, air and sea. Nearby Hull offers daily ferries to Rotterdam and Zeebrugge.

This old fishing town now hosts an array of attractions including the multi-million pound Hartlepool Marina complex and one of the largest shopping centres in the North East, Middleton Grange, which houses over 140 retail outlets catering for all tastes.

As well as an array of restaurants, cafes and bars it also offers award winning attractions such as the Hartlepool Historic Quay & The Museum of Hartlepool.

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