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A large town in East Sussex, Hailsham has hosted regular markets since the 13th century. Hailsham dates back further than that because it was formerly occupied by the Romans and William the Conqueror landed in Hailsham in 1066.

Many people are employed in Hailsham's markets and it was formerly a major producer of ropes which were used for public hangings. Now, Hailshams's gruesome past is no more because many light industrial estates are there which employ numerous local residents.

Hailsham still retains its rural roots because of its attractive housing and retail areas which remain independent. Many supermarkets are in Hailsham and extensive regeneration of its housing and vacant sites are expected. Although Hailsham doesn't have a railway station, it is close to the A22 road and there are many bus companies which run regular services.

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