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Grantham, the birthplace of controversial former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, is in Lincolnshire. It was the first place in the world after London to employ women police officers. Grantham also had the first JobCentre in the UK. The first tractor in the UK was manufactured in Grantham, as well as the first diesel engine. A gingerbread recipe which originated in Grantham has become known in the UK, being included in the National Trust's Afternoon Tea and in the British Rail's InterCity afternoon tea.

Presently, the biggest employer in Grantham is the food-processing industry, with several large plants in the surrounding area. The town is surrounded by pastoral countryside and is home to peregrine falcons and the "Grantham Gobbler", a type of heron.

The eminent physicist Isaac Newton was schooled in Grantham and is honoured with the present-day Isaac Newton Centre.

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