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A relatively new village which only first came into existence in 1859, Gerrards Cross is otherwise known as 'mini Hollywood' due to the stars who have visited it and continue to live there. St. James Church was the venue for Lulu and Maurice Gibb's marriage and Stanley Kubrick filmed scenes in Gerrards Cross for his film 'Lolita'. 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' also filmed a scene here for their very first episode.

Gerrards Cross also has a Country Club called Winkers Farm which offers guests the chance to spend a few hours in luxurious surroundings. With only a population of around 7,000, Gerrards Cross has close rail connections to London. Twenty five miles away from Marylebone, only fourteen miles separate Gerrards Cross and Heathrow Airport and is an ideal location for many commuters.

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