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Frinton on Sea is a small seaside town in the Tendring district of Essex, England with a population of 21,367. It forms a part of Frinton and Walton parish. Frinton was just a church with several farms and a few cottages till the Victorian times but was later developed with the construction of the golf course and the establishment of the Greensward, to separate the walkway from the sea, which stabilized the land further.
The town is largely a conservation area. Though there had been bars in the seashore hotels and the golf and War Memorial club, the first pub The Lock and Barrel' was opened in 2000. Also, at the McGrigor Hall, a Frinton Summer Theatre Season is organized every summer; many famous actors started their careers here like Michael Denison, Timothy West, and Jane Asher. Ross Davidson, James McKenna, Adrian John, Mike Read and David Hamilton from the Big L have also lived here.

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