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About 45,000 people live in Folkestone, a town on the south coast of Kent. Its proximity to Dover means it is ideal for anyone who wants or needs to travel to France by ferry. It also has beautiful sandy beaches and coastal and cliff top walks.

Visitors and residents alike can enjoy a wide selection of carnivals, processions, festivals and historical re-enactments, and there are also many countryside parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

By car, you can get to Folkestone in under an hour and a half from the centre of London or two hours from Brighton. Because it is so close to France, Folkestone was very important in the old wars and was heavily fortified. A tower still stands on the coast from 1806 when it was built as a defence against Napoleon.
Conversely its location meant at times of peace it was also important for trade.

As with many seaside towns there is a large artistic community and there are many galleries showing local and not so local work.

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