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294 Used Ferrari Cars in the UK

Enzo Ferrari's family owned the first car in town when he was little but the time he was a teenager in the First World War, his family was struggling. Ferrari worked for the Modena Fire Brigade, shoeing mules for the Italian army and had to support his widowed mama. Not interested in going back to his schooling after being discharged, he worked as a test driver in Turin in late 1918 and then as a racing car driver. Ferrari set up Scuderia Ferrari, which means Ferrari Stable and the first Ferrari road car was made in 1947. A 1.5-litre V12 engine powered the Ferrari 125 S but Ferrari always loved the racetrack and has racked up Formula titles all over the world. In 1973, Ferrari brought out the Berlinetta Boxer but the later Testarossa remains one of the most famous Ferraris, the car of beauty and the car of speed.

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