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Ebbw Vale is a town situated in the valley formed by the Ebbw River in South Wales. It is the largest town in the surrounding Blaenau Gwent county borough, with a booming administrative centre.

The valley was hardly inhabited until the Industrial Revolution. It became recognised for Ebbw Vale Iron Works, later named Ebbw Vale Steelworks which opened in 1778. With the success of this, coal mines opened up during the 1790s. This continued to expand, and in 1930-1940, the steel works was the largest in Europe. It was home to huge achievements such as the world's first steel rail rolled in 1860. However, in 1980, the industry collapsed through strikes and redundancies and now no works or mines remain in the town. Instead Ebbw Vale has become a residential area for workers in the South Wales Valleys.

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