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A much-invaded county, East Sussex forms part of the larger historic county of Sussex, which boasts an ancient South Saxon heritage stretching back to the 5th century AD. It is due to its position on the South East coast of England, a matter of miles from French ports, that it has so much invasion in the past, most notably from the Romans and, a millennium later, the Normans. The not-so-coincidentally-named town of Battle played host to the famous Battle of a Hastings, not the most successful of showdowns for the English.

The county, once dominated by fishing and trade, is still well known for being green and mild for most of the year. The flats of Normans Bay and chalk cliffs of Beachy Head remain two of the most popular local attractions.

Today East Sussex's most famous resident is Paul MacCartney, who lives in a farmhouse in the east of East Sussex, in a small village called Peasmarsh.

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