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East London is an unofficial sector of London that compromises of the north-eastern section of the city. This section was originated in 1720 and was referred to as "That Part Beyond the Tower." In modern days, it is considered to include all areas situated east of the city of London but north of the River Thames. It includes various boroughs such as Hackney, Barking, Waltham, Newham, Havering and Tower Hamlets.

This region is growing substantially, with places such as Canary Wharf now being one of the biggest business districts in London. Additionally the area is one of the biggest financial centres and homes the One Canada Square, the second tallest building in the UK. Another area of East London, Stratford was re-developed for the 2012 Olympics, where 370,000 visitors passed through for events such as water-polo and basketball. The restoration has been maintained since the event, with the town becoming a tourist hot spot.

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