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The third most southerly county in the UK after Cornwall and Devon, Dorset boasts a climate of mild winters and warm summers that make it an attractive destination for holiday-makers. Tourism in the county was first made fashionable in the late 18th century by the frequent visits that King George III made to Weymouth, and continues to this day to be the primary revenue-earning sector across the county, ahead of a declining farming industry.

In fact, Dorset is one of only five counties that receives what the Met Office deems the highest category of sunshine, enjoying a glorious 1,541-1,885 hour per year. Yet the county is sparsely populated and largely rural, made up mainly of small villages, only a few large towns, and no (legally-deemed) cities whatsoever.

Dorset was dealt a rough blow in the First World War, with the Dorsetshire Regiment facing the first gas attack of the Battle of the Somme and suffering particularly heavy losses. Of all the towns and villages in the county, there is only one 'Thankful Village' in which no residents were killed: Langton Herring.

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