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4 Used Daimler Cars in the UK

In 1885, Gottlieb Daimler and his design partner one Wilhelm Maybach took Nicolaus Otto's internal combustion engine one step further and patented what is generally known as the prototype of the modern gas engine. The world's first four-wheeled automobile was a Daimler. The 1885 Daimler-Maybach engine was small, lightweight fast and successful and from these speedy nascent inventions, Daimler grew into the famous Mercedes Benz. While in 1894, the first automobile race in the world was won by a car with a Daimler engine, Mercedes-Benz took off in the 1960s and 70s has recently become more renowned as a sustainable automobile manufacturer. Its new E 300 BlueTec Hybrid has been lauded for its innovation and eco-style.

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Used Daimler Cars in the UK


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