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17 Used Daewoo Cars in the UK

Daewoo is a South Korean car brand made famous because it emerged out of South Korea's transformation from a rural economy in the 1960s. Its Isuzu truck has rumbled along the world's highways in the US and Asia alike. Founded by Kim Woo Choong Daewoo was at one time South Korea's fourth largest conglomerate. It not only built cars but also was in trading, shipbuilding, heavy industry, aerospace, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and financial services. Daewoo is the Korean for 'Great Universe' which sort of sums up the car manufacturer which has made business in everywhere from the UK to India and it has been taken over by the Indian Tata Group. Today Tata Daewoo and Afzal Motors are making Daewoo Trucks for the Middle East and Asian markets.

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Used Daewoo Cars in the UK


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