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Citroen Xsara

16 Used Citroen Xsara Cars in the UK

By the time Citro├źn stopped selling the Xsara in 2004, it looked out-dated and undesirable next to other carmaker's offerings. It was launched in 1997, and was built on the same platform that had underpinned both its predecessor - the ZX - and Peugeot's 306. Available as either a hatch' (with either three or five doors) or an estate, the Xsara was cheap to buy and run. Interior space was adequate (good in the estate, or "Break" as they called it) but the dash' was fiddly on earlier models. On the road, the Xsara was nowhere near class-best - the ride was soft (very French, in other words) but the steering was poorly judged.

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Used Citroen Xsara Cars in the UK


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