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Citroen C3 PICASSO

633 Used Citroen C3 PICASSO Cars in the UK

The C3 Picasso is unusual in that it's perfectly acceptable to refer to this, a mini-MPV, as "cool". The little Picasso was introduced in 2008, and has proved to be a hit with consumers. And why wouldn't it be? It's good looking, with its wrap-around front windscreen and chunky controls - and it's practical, fold the rear seats down and you've got a small van's worth of space. The C3 doesn't handle with the flair of, say, a Ford, but it feels safe and secure on the road. On the flip-side, it's pretty pricy - and the base model isn't very well equipped (it's only got two airbags).

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Used Citroen C3 PICASSO Cars in the UK


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