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245 Used Chrysler Cars in the UK

Chrysler as a car has been an industry giant since the early days of the automotive industry. While Dorothy of the 'Wizard of Oz' clicked her heels to get on the Yellow Brick Road, the young Kansas-born Chrysler got himself a broom and became a cleaner. As a janitor this brought him in 10 cents an hour but the automotive industry was to make millions for part of its history at least. Chrysler became the Chrysler Corporation as early at 1925 but by 2009 it sought government support and became an American-based, multinational automaker thanks to a global strategic alliance with its majority owner, Italian manufacturer Fiat. On the road Chryslers are still ubiquitous with the Dodge, Ram, Jeep and now Fiat cars in the US too.

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Used Chrysler Cars in the UK


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