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Originally a parish which had fishing as its main trade, Chiswick dates from the 11th century and had a small population at the time. During the 18th and 19th century, it experienced significant growth and is part of the borough of Hounslow. Chiswick is only six miles away from Charing Cross.

Due to its expansion, Chiswick has a mixture of Victorian and Georgian houses. Chiswick House originates from the 18th century and has many stunning features. Many public houses are in Chiswick as well and all of Chiswick's attractions can be accessed by the A406 and A205 which, in itself, is only a short distance away from the M4 motorway.

Many sporting events happen in Chiswick. Rowing is Chiswick's major sporting achievement because Chiswick Bridge is where the Oxford-Cambridge boat race ends.

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