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510 Used Chevrolet Cars in the UK

We all know the nickname of Chevrolet: it's the 'Chevy'. The Chevrolet is one of the most enduring American cars and became part of General Motors way back in 1918. Its founder was the Swiss-born Louis Chevrolet who was originally a cycle fanatic and bike racer who hooked up with its other founder, the Frenchman William C. Durant. From bikes to small cars, the current Chevrolets aren't the gas-guzzlers that they were in their heyday in the Fifties, no way. The contemporary Chevrolet is a popular small car and highly fuel efficient, with the Chevrolet Volt not only garnering industry awards as a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle but also gaining kudos among US celebrities including writer Stephen King and talk-show host Jay Leno (who also owns a few other sportscars).

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Used Chevrolet Cars in the UK


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