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The town of Braintree lies in the district of Essex in East England. The town itself is believed to hold a population of around 42,000 people.

The origin of the name Braintree is widely debated, with theories including the name Braintree is based on the old name 'Branoc' or it is derived from that of 'Rayne', an important Norman settlement, or based on the nearby River Braint.

Named after John Ray, Braintree has its own museum, exhibiting the history of the town, a cinema, bowling alley and various restaurants, together with numerous public houses and bars in the town centre.

Musically, Braintree is home to the famous recording artists 'The Prodigy', has a Musical Society, who perform two shows a year (in April and October) and the opening of the Braintree Arts Theatre in 2009 has boosted the popularity of music, dance and theatrical showcases in the area.

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