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With its headquarters in southern Germany, BMW is synonymous with German manufacturing. In fact the company was formed from three other aircraft engine manufacturers, Rapp Motorenwerke and Bayerisches Flugzeugwerke of BfW in Bavaria and Fahrzeug Fabrik Eisenach in Thuringian. The engine manufacturers eventually merged and in 1918 this engine powered a biplane to 5,000 meters altitude in just 29 minutes. It was an impressive performance in the BMW history, one that led to strong demand for BMW engines. 'Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH' BMW started work on cars building Austin Sevens under licence. After the War BMW began building saloon cars but ran into trouble. It was the German industrialist Guenther Quandt who is regarded as having saved BMW from bankruptcy and turned the business around. Since then, BMW grew in strength to the point that it was able to acquire the Rover Group (most of which was later divested), and the license to build automobiles under the Rolls-Royce marque. Today the BMW Mini is so popular it has been launched in India.

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