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The British Film Institute's National Archives are housed in Berkhamsted, or "Berko" as it is known.

The Battle of Berkhamsted Common in 1866 pitted an imperious lord against East End cockneys and local men and women; the lord lost. Berkhamsted Castle dates from Norman times and is now looked after by English Heritage. A totem pole which stands at Alsford's Yard in Berkhamsted was commissioned in the 1960's from a Canadian First Nations artist as thanks for having fed a descendant of the Alsford timber family during a strike. It is one of the few totem poles in England.

The oldest surviving shop in England, dating from 1277 – 1297, is in Berkhamsted.

Graham Greene went to school in Berkhamsted, and it was home to the Llewelyn Davies family, one of whom inspired Peter Pan.

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