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A smaller county, Bedfordshire's population of 614,800 is made up in the majority by its two largest cities, Luton and Bedford. Located in the East of England, the rolling hills of the Chilterns provide a scenic backdrop for rural Bedfordshire's quieter style of life. But, if their nickname is anything to go by, the Bedfordshire people are not all so docile: this is 'the Clangers', which derives from a local dish comprising of a dumpling filled with meat and jam. Yum.

While its largest city, Luton, might be most well known for being home to Vauxhall Motors, Bedfordshire has bred many famous people too. Record-breaking cricketer Alastair Cook first found his form as a teen at Bedford School-but perhaps most importantly of all, Carol Vorderman is a local Bedford girl, born and raised.

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